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Bid Adieu to Hassle as Cake Lounge Makes Ordering Cakes Online a Breeze!


Cake lounge is a Pune-based company and has already gained high expertise in the industry of baking cakes. It is a 15year old company and has specialization in baking all types of cakes. Their specialties include designer cakes, fondant cakes, fresh cream cakes, grand wedding cakes and other customized cakes as well!

Cake lounge - Get to Know The Company

The company is backed bya state-of-art bakery where all the products are freshly bakedon a daily basis. All the ingredients used here are natural and speaks of premium quality. It has strategic locations for its stores and kitchens all over Pune city to maintain hassle-free and happy online cake home delivery in Pune. Cake lounge has acquired specialization in delivering all types of cakes for different ceremonies. Be it a wedding, a birthday, or a big fat Indian celebration, Cake Lounge will be there to the rescue.

Besides its exclusive collection of cakes, Cake Lounge delivers flowers and related decorativeas well. It has opened up its stores all over the city for the fast Cake and flower delivery in Pune.

The bakery company is for their delicious line of cakes, chocolate,and savories. They specialize in baking gourmet cakes for all occasions. Interested parties can also choose to make the most out of the company's customized cake baking services. Here, the customers are asked to state their requirements and the design they would like. Based on the data collected, the chefs at Cake Lounge bake delicious cakes at record-breaking timelines.

Why Cake Lounge?

Cake lounge is the one when it comes to havinga delicious and magnificent cake waiting for your guests to chow down on after dinner, or before that! The chefs here at Cake Lounge are always cooking up new recipes and materializing new designs for their baked masterpieces.

The company's forte is a whole collection of gourmet cakes customized as per the needs of the customer. They are adept in baking and designing tailor-madecakes, delicious desserts, fancy wedding cakes and designer cupcakes all sold at affordable rates.One of the many USPs of the company is that they make doorstep deliveries of the orders after the customer places the order in their intricately designed web store. They made careful considerations when they designed their website to make the shopping experience for the visitor as seamless as possible.The business policy of Cake Lounge makes sure that they deliver customer-centric services to their customers at affordable rates. One might consider that they are mere bakers selling cakes,but when one looks at their dedication and quality of products, that notion is sure to change.

The company managed to make a name for them in a short span of time. They recently saw sudden expansion in their client base. The company has a dedicated quality control wing that makes sure all the baked goods sold by them are up to the mark.


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Cake Lounge - A Perfect Cake Shop In Pune


Cake Lounge is a popular baking store in Pune which serves a wide variety of cakes made with excellent quality ingredients and consisting of extremely efficient chefs. They provide home delivery of cakes in Pune andother accompaniments as ordered by the customers. The cake shop has developed in recent years and has opened stores all over Pune.


Cake Lounge is a renowned gourmet cake shop in Pune which offers cakes to celebrate every occasion. The bakery items prepared in their kitchen are crafted with the finest of ingredients and looked into intricate details. The store has evolved over the years in terms of quality as well outlets opened. They provide gourmet cakes, fondant cakes, specialized cakes and designer cakes for customers to suit their choice and budget. Cake Lounge presents home delivery of cakes in Pune, along with flowers and other gifts throughout the extent of Pune and even at midnight.

Serving for almost two decades, it is a state-of-the-art baking house that has specialized in cakes and desserts for every festival and purpose. The reason behind the success of Cake Lounge is their passion and dedication towards their creations. There are many other causes which make them the best cake shop in and across Pune. They have a huge range of assorted flavours and unique combinations which make them a hit with the public. They are also the fastest delivery chain serving right at the doorstep of customers and provider of midnight cake delivery in Pune. Apart from that, the bakery has the best in-house sales team with a multitude of payment options and social media presence which only makes it easier for purchasers to order. Cake lounge is well equipped with online cakes in Pune and they also accept cash on delivery facilities.

There are traditional gateaux for the unadventurous and contemporary desserts for those who want to experiment and explore new products. The conventional varieties include Black Forest, Strawberry, Orange, Choco truffle, Mango, Pineapple and Coffee flavours. Customers can get a taste of the international flavours in a separate section with an extensive horizon of products. The Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake is a divine concoction of Nutella and Chocolate Cream. Then there is Bubblegum cake which has a perfect blend of Oreo biscuits, crushed wafers, chocolate chips and jelly folded with bubblegum cream; and Rasamalai cake which is an amalgamation of dry fruit and Rasamalai, both being absolute favourites. The liquor cakes, cheesecakes and customized cakes are equally attractive in decoration and delectable in taste. The custom made cakes are usually supplied for weddings and birthdays with exclusive designs.

They serve the best cakes and have grown due to their commitment and devotion. They believe that every occasion is but a chance to create memories and spread joy so each product manufactured in their bakery can make a day magical in someone's life. With such intent and enthusiasm, their chefs deliver just the perfect invention every time. Being a trusted brand, they deliver cakes, flowers and presents on time. Besides, boosting of the supreme bakery unit, Cake Lounge also has trusted florists who continue to provide fresh flowers each time. With midnight service available, one need not wait till morning to celebrate a special day. All the outlets are managed by the most efficient professionals in Pune.

  • Shop No 08, Shrishtee spaces, Near Hotel Govind Garden, Govind Chauk, Pimple Saudagar